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the future is here

where spirits guide us into a brandnew world

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16 unique NFT Spirits with a story to tell

created & handcrafted by


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Spiritual art on the blockchain 

We are entering a new era in which the physical, digital and galactical are merging into a promising and magical new world. Art can bridge new levels of communication and connection in ways we never would have thought possible. We are excited to bring you spiritual art created on the blockchain where it’s forever sealed and ready to inspire you.


Spirits of the Galaxy: 16 unique and handcrafted NFT's.

Spirits of the Galaxy is a NFT collection of 8 beautiful Spirits in their natural and galactical environment. These Spirits are a reflection of Anne Ahau’s both artistical and spiritual journey of many years. It’s a symbiose of one of a kind, hand painted Spirits and beautiful photography. Each Spirit has its own story to tell that will be unique to its owner. Owning your Spirit as an NFT will surely unlock new horizons, whether it’s in the NFT space, your daily life, or better yet…in your dreams.  

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We are devoted to Mother Earth. That's why we want to contribute to her cooling down.

We love the endless galaxy, but we cherish our beautiful planet earth as well. Since Spirits of the Galaxy NFTs are part of the (still) energy consuming blockchain, we want to reduce the impact of the collection as much as we can. Hence our commitment to donate at least 10% of the revenues to
Justdiggit, supporting projects that are cooling down the planet. So as a collector, you will be giving back 
too! Together, art will allow us to contribute to a good cause!



phase 1

Launching the first 8 Spirits to Every first time collector will have the option to receive an original copy of the artwork, personally autographed by Anne Ahau and sent to your home. Please read the conditions here

phase 2

Adding new spirits to the collection every few weeks. This will bring joy and anticipation to the collection and will unfold the full story of Spirits of the Galaxy. 

phase 3

Starting our donations to ‘Just Diggit’ as soon as first and secondary sales will come in. We will make sure we update our collectors on progress that is made via Twitter and on this website.

phase 4

Two special edition Spirits #15 and #16, will enter the Galaxy. These 2 magical Spirits will finalise and complement the collection but will be significantly different as well. Something to look forward to!

phase 5

After releasing the full collection we will explore new grounds for your Spirits. Think along the lines of additional new collections, possible partnerships and who knows…. maybe one day you’ll be able to meet your Spirits in the Metaverse? Exciting times are coming!

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"I cherish a deep level of consciousness that enables me to translate all energy and information into form" 

I’m honored that you are interested in my work. My work is a reflection of my soul, vision and intuition. I studied Graphic Design and Monumental Art at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy but the School of Life has influenced me even more. Over the years many experiences have led to the spiritual artform I’m creating right now. I hope you feel the positive story I want to share. 

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"NFT collectables are giving both artists and art lovers an unique tool to truly change the world"

I love art, design and storytelling, both professionally and personally. Anne Ahau is my longtime friend and I'm devoted to help share her exceptional work with the world. So let's dive into the magic world of NFTs and enjoy this fantastic journey together. If you have any questions, ideas, collaborations, or suggestions, feel free to reach out to us via our socials or the contact form.

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