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Spirits of the Galaxy is a collection of 16 NFTs. In this collection 8 unique Spirit Guides are portrayed in both their natural environment and galactical space.

 The Spirit Guides are ready to help, support and protect us; when we open our eyes and souls to the potential that is right in front of us, a whole new world of friends and allies awaits us!  We'd like to challenge you to meet your Spirit and choose the one that speaks to you most. 

Galactical Ancient Bridge_Spirits of the Galaxy.jpg


One Spirit Guide connecting two worlds

Each of the 8 Spirits has multiple stories to tell. The Spirit in its galactical space 

represents the power of the unknown. Surrounded by nature and the forces of our beautiful planet, the energy of the Natural Spirit embodies an entirely different feel. 


Looking at an individual Spirit or artwork, every person will feel something different. That’s the beauty of this collection. It’s completely open to your own imagination. Who might even help you to connect with your own Galactical heritage! And if it doesn’t and you just love the art, that’s fine too. 

Natural Ancient Bridge_Spritis of the Galaxy.jpg
Anker 2

The first 8 NFTs will be released as 1/1s. These maiden Spirits are displayed in both their natural and galactical environment. If you purchase a 1/1 you will be the sole owner of this unique Spirit! Part of the collection will also be available as serie of 5. Each Spirit of the 5/5s will be owned by a maximum of 5 people worldwide. The collection will be completed with 2 special edition 1/1 Spirits. We will keep the suspense a little till the end, but keep an eye out for our socials….

Own a signed artwork of your NFT
Buyers of the 1/1 NFTs will be granted the opportunity to obtain an artwork-quality print of the NFT, autographed by Anne Ahau with a personal message for each owner. This physical copy will be 62 x 79,5 cm, printed with a white border on 70 x 90 cm high quality Hahnemuhle 270 grams paper, using the giclée technique.  It will be shipped to your home, wherever you are on this beautiful planet. This will be an unique opportunity to own a signed Anne Ahau work of art! We will only charge production cost and shipping.

If you would like to own a print of your NFT in a different size, or a copy of one of the 5/5s, you're most welcome to. Please fill in the contact form and we will get back to you about the available options and costs.

Special Edition 1/1
#15 Galactical Totem 

Special Edition 1/1
#16 Nature's Totem 

GalacticSpiritGuide-1 small.jpg

#01 Galactical Ancient Bridge 

GalacticSpiritGuide-2 small.jpg

#02 Galactical Prophet 

Spirits of the Galaxy_naam_Nature.jpg

#03 Galactical Ruler of the East

GalacticalSpiritGuide-4 small.jpg

#04 Galactical Ruler of the South

Natural SpiritGuide-1-3D small.jpg
Natural GalacticSpiritGuide-2-small.jpg
Natural GalacticSpiritGuide-3-3D small.jpg
Natural GalacticSpiritGuide-4-3D small.jpg

#05 Nature's Ancient Bridge 

#06 Nature's Prophet 

#07 Nature's Ruler of the East

#08 Nature's Ruler of the South

Spirits of the Galaxy_Galactic Ruler of the North

#09 Galactical Ruler of the North

Spirits of the Galaxy_Galactic Ruler of the West.jpg

#10 Galactical Ruler of the West

Spirits of the Galaxy_Nature's Ruler of the North.jpg

#11 Nature's Ruler of the North

Spirits of the Galaxy_Nature's Ruler of the West.jpg

#12 Nature's Ruler of the West

Spirits of the Galaxy_Galactical Healer_ small.png

#13 Galactical Healer

Spirits of the galaxy_Nature's Healer_small.png

#14 Nature's Healer

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