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We deeply love our beautiful planet. It brings us life and prosperity. But we can all see our earth is suffering. Thankfully so many positive projects are being launched around the globe to restore nature. The good thing about NFT’s is, that they offer a way to share the profits with good causes, speeding up change. That’s why we want donate at least 10% of our revenues to Just Diggit, an organization that has been devoted for many years to help cooling down the planet by restoring nature: 


"This is the decade of doing''


“We believe in the power of nature and in cooling down the planet together by regreening degraded land and bringing back vegetation. Our mission is to regreen Africa in the coming 10 years, together with all 350 million farmers, and with you. To give nature a push, we empower and connect a movement of millions.


So far, we’ve restored 60,000 hectares, brought back over 6 million trees, and built a grassroots movement that’s growing every day. We believe now is the time to speed up and scale up! No more talking. No more waiting. This is the Decade of Doing. Dig in & cool down the planet with us!”

Please check out their website and socials and be amazed by their projects and results: 


We’d like to ‘think big and start small’. Sharing at least 10% of the Spirits of the Galaxy profit, is just the beginning. We will be spreading the love for Just Diggit. And the more our Spirits will grow, the more we can accomplish together with you. We truly hope you will be part of this journey and help cooling down the planet.

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